Today I want to share with you some very important information. I think this information will help you in your future endevours. Additionally you will show a more professional image.

Having a Linkedin network of more than 5400 connections, most likely I can give you some good piece of advice on growing your visibility and professional opportunities via Linkedin.

For mastering Linkedin, the first thing that you need to know is that Linkedin has a very serious name policy. If you fail to follow this policy, you run the risk of having your account removed, loosing all your connections that you have been building for years. Imagine the impact that this could have on your future career opportunities.

So, let’s see what these important 3 rules are:

1.- The use of personal information such as email addresses or phone numbers is forbidden: publicly sharing your personal information within these fields is not allowed – you should only be sharing this information with trusted connections.

2.- Symbols, numbers, or special characters are not allowed.

3.- Likewise a user profile for anyone other than a real person is forbidden – this includes creating profiles with group, alumni, or company names. Profiles are intended to be used by individuals only.

In the following you can see some examples that I’ve found in my own personal network that don’t correctly adhere to correctly Linkedin rules and could be in danger:




It is allowed to use a prefix, like Dr. or a certification at the end, for instance PMP or MBA. These are correct:


For more information, click here.

I hope this information has been helpful for you, please check your name at Linkedin and make sure it is correct and share this with your connections. I’ll be keeping you updated very soon with my next exclusive advice for improving your career opportunities! If you have not yet subscribed to my mailing-list, do it NOW! (in my Author Box).

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