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Does Your Linkedin Profile Really Say WHO YOU ARE?

In a previous article, I taught you how to improve your Linkedin profile so that your title will say who you are (what can you offer) instead of what you are doing. But this was only the tip of the iceberg, we need to go further.

In Coaching, the most famous method is GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, and Will). Other methods have developed it into more details, for example CORAOPS (Context, Objective, Reality, Learning –‘Aprendizaje’ in Spanish), Options, Plan of action, Follow up – ‘Seguimiento’ in Spanish).

When we wrote the article on the Linkedin profile title, we were focusing on defining our Goal. Today we will focus on Reality. Does your Linkedin profile say really Who You Are?

I can tell you about my own experience. Some years ago when Linkedin added the Endorsements functionality, I started to click on many tags about things that I know and I accumulated a list of about 25+ skills. Most of them are very similar and I did not filter or thought much about this.

Then people started to endorse me. Probably the initial 3 or 4 endorsements were the only ones who really selected what they applied to me. But after that, there was a ranking where those initial endorsements were in the top, so all new endorsements were always about the firsts in the list.

In any case I didn’t pay any attention to that. I was proud about having so many endorsements and I was not very focused on what exactly those skill tags said about me.

One of the best ways I learn is from YOU. Yes, my followers and friends that gently share with me your comments. One of you one day told me: you are selling yourself as a coach but your Linkedin profile says something else. Yes!, I hadn’t paid any attention to that. Many times, we need an external observer (a coach) to help you see what you will never see.

She was right, my Linkedin profile had a title about Leadership and Career Advice, but those skills were too hidden amongst my 25+ other skills. So, any one that was checking my profile, was getting the wrong idea about my real professional profile!

So, how to address this? The solution was to edit my endorsements by selecting ‘manage my endorsements’ and start to hide dozens of endorsements that were hiding my real and most valuable skills. For example, I remember skills like ‘English’ for example, that were hiding more important ones like Executive Coaching.

The endorsements that you hide, you can active them again when you want (don’t bother with that). In following you can see a screen capture on that: 


When I did this, those really vital skills arose once again to the top positions of my profile, and it started to show to the world THE REAL ME.

I have to say as I said before, today we are focusing on Reality (based on the GROW model). You must select your real skills and then let people to endorse you. We are only influencing in getting endorsed on those skills you want to focus on, but these need to be real.

So now, check what endorsement skills you have in your Linkedin profile. Try to hide the endorsements that are not the most important, and select only 8 or 10 that are the ones that really say WHO YOU ARE!

Enjoy your new professional Lifestyle! 🙂