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Boost Your Career as a General Manager !! Linkedin, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, …

The General Manager is a Real Star, he is the person who will carry the company message whatever it is and all the time communicate it in front of his employees and the end customer, he is totally focussed on the business partners and passionate about the career requirements.

A wide range of activities can be undertaken by a General Manager for a wide range of stakeholders. Whatever the activity type, it could be service, product, coaching and the stakeholder type could be his employees, customers, work partners, etc…

Most of the time the General Manager is facing the following question:

 Is there even a General Manager?

Every person thinks that the GM should step up and get some more help for his staff; they find it unbelievable that he was not available during peak time on a week day. All need to speak to him whenever there is a problem or quick action to be taken, the 24/7 present for quick action or decision taking is his performance KPI measure.

As a dynamic person whom joined the management team, he must be able to balance professional attitude with creating a fun and rewarding atmosphere for his employees and customers, he must be comfortable with budgets, P&L, cost control, inventory, ordering, hiring and training staff.

What you’ll do in this role

You will need to be a fast learner, work quickly under pressure, multitask and have an outgoing with friendly personality. The role requires intelligence, excellent communication skills and not being afraid to work outside one’s comfort zone.

  • You’ll spend time at a number of company sites learning about all aspects of the business.
  • Work with the Sales team to identify and develop new business.
  • Provide the leadership and management of the team members.
  • Reporting to the Managing Director.

What will make you perfect for the job?

  • At least 3 years’ management experience.
  • Determination to become a great manager.
  • Commitment, passion and a real desire to succeed.
  • A charismatic fun personality that’s infectious for customers and staff.
  • Being flexible enough to be prepared to work at a number of different locations in the region.
  • Commercial acumen and experience of financial reporting and budgeting are required.

Job Benefits

  • Highly competitive salary
  • Quarterly Bonus Quarterly Bonus
  • Generous benefits package
  • Quality training
  • Medical/Dental/Vision benefits

General Manager’s Income

The annual salary for the Job title General Manager may vary depending on a number of factors including industry, company size, location, years of experience and level of education.

General Manager Earnings is usually between $108,000 and $210,000 a year

  • Average annual salary is about $160,000 per year
  • Top salaries can reach $220,000 or more

Below are two sites that can be used as guideline for General Manager income:

 Job Finding Strategy in Linkedin, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, and more

There is still a lot that new job seekers have to learn when it comes to mastering the job search, do not wait around for your perfect job to fall into your front door.

  • Do enough research, go to all available connections.
  • Staying up to date on industry trends, do not only on the company to which they are applying, but about the field in general.
  • Considering full time jobs, it is a senior position.
  • Do not focusing only on jobs related to your skills.
  • Making the interview about t you, not the employer.
  • Dressing appropriately in professional settings.
  •  Being Enthusiastic.
  • Not focusing on salary in your search.

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