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Certifications Help You Grow

I strongly believe that technical certifications are necessary for IT professionals, today there are millions of people across the world having experience in their respective areas (java, dotnet, oracle database, etc) and for an organization its really a great challenge to screen and shortlist the candiddates among hundreds of applicants. So certifications have become a must for an IT professional, and we all have seen these advertisements as ‘ITIL certification is highly desirable’, ‘PMP certification will be valuable’,  ‘ISO/IEC20K Lead auditor certified professionals are preferred’, etc.

So how does a HR (Human Resource) analyst shortlist the candidates for a respective job, it is based on:

  • Number of years of experience in the specific technology domain
  • Technical certifications holding by an individual
  • Stability of an employee in his career
  • % of marks obtained in his universities
  • Unique achievements made by the candidate

Generally people think that “I don’t need any certification to prove my knowledge” or “I have enough experience, through which I know everything”. May be, but how does an HR analyst understand that a candidate knows everything or he/she is a master of that specific area?

Hence for that reason certifications have become a must for individuals in many industries. Irrespective of whether you are a CXO/ Top level manager/ Middle level manager/ Operational manager/ operational staff. When a person is standing in the queue for a job, he is definitely evaluated through the above mentioned qualities. Apart from getting jobs there are many more advantages of having certifications, like:

  • You will learn many more new things, in your respective areas,
  • Your organizations will be proud to represent you in very big and important projects,
  • It will help you to distinguish yourself from other professionals,
  • It will enable you to get good salary,

In my humble opinion, certifications show a specific level of knowledge and a presumption of technical expertise on a specific area. To know more, check out this article: