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What is an Accredited MBA and Why You Want One? – Accreditation Agencies Research Report

The last decade has generated a lot of buzz about non-degree Executive MBA Programs and how critically important they are in the challenging economic times. It is considered as one of the best tool a business person must possess. Executive MBAs and other Executive Programs not only give anyone an advantage in the global marketplace, but it also teaches them to be adaptable in an economy where career-switching and constant change is considered a norm. It is important to keep in mind that accreditation agencies play a very important role in maintaining the highest international standards in Executive MBAs and Executive Programs in general. They are the ones responsible for guiding individuals interested in these programs with the right information and impartial advice which can help them to search among hundreds of accredited programs. Here we will discuss some of the best Accreditation Agencies for Executive Programs, to help you take a leap into the time and expense of choosing the right program.

Association of MBAs (AMBA) Accredited MBA

One such accreditation body is Association of MBAs (AMBA) which is a international impartial authority on postgraduate business education. They accredit programs mostly in UK and European business schools.

Accreditation Commission of Career School and Colleges (ACCSC) Accredited MBA

Another accreditation agency is Accreditation Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. They provide accreditation of a large number of programs and due to the broad range of subjects; much emphasis is not given to the specialized programs for business personnel.

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) Accredited MBA

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is another specialized accreditation association for business education supporting, celebrating, and rewarding teaching excellence. The member campuses are distributed vastly and certain loop-holes have been observed by advisors in their accreditation mechanism.

International Accreditation Council of Professional Training (IACPT) Accredited MBA

One non-profit membership association for the certificate accreditation is the International Accreditation Council of Professional Training (IACPT). It has a lot of resources of academic, government, enterprises human resources and like most of the accreditation bodies its focus drifts away from core MBA and executive programs.

International Council for Online Educational (ICOES) Accredited MBA

The International Council for Online Educational (ICOES) is an accrediting body that establishes and continually develops the educational standards of online teaching institutions. This accreditation council is more concerned with institutions that offer distance learning, home study or online courses.

International Institute of Executive Careers (IIEC) Accredited MBA

The International Institute of Executive Careers (IIEC) is an independent private institution which provides accreditation for non-degree MBAs, Executive and Corporate Programs, and Executive Certifications. IIEC is an independent body which guarantees top of the class Executive MBAs, Executive Programs and Certifications. They not only offer achieving highest standards of accomplishment in postgraduate programs, but also offer the best institutions for postgraduate programs (including executive coaching programs). The team of experts makes sure to audit the institutions with qualified assessment teams and assure that facilities, curriculum and location offer the best learning opportunities for any business person. The graduates of IIEC accredited programs always receive recognition and encouragement from their outstanding performance in various fields. The mission of IIEC has two main objectives:

  • To make sure that the students and business individuals receive the best possible educational training and information by IIEC-accredited institutions
  • To provide assistance to the institutions for bringing about improvements in their systems and equip the students with the latest developments in business management.

The institution is highly motivated for cultivating personal and professional growth of individuals through coaching, learning, innovation, participation, and setting goals & commitment.