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Using Images in Your Business Presentation. What You Need to Know.

This article is to help you to use images in a professional presentation. I see many colleages using images in blog posts and business deliverables. Many of those images have been taken from Google Images. Without knowing, people in fact use these images every day when they can not.

What are Your Options for Business Images

1) Royalty Free Images: here “free” doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay at all, instead what it means is that you will not have to pay regularly for using it. You will pay only once, when you purchase it. The cheaper and best image banks are the following two:

2) Creative Commons (CC): take into account that not all CC are allowed for commercial use (as our everyday business activities). For commercial use you should use BY licences. Also attribution is required in CC images (there are some rules about this). Creative Commons images can be found via: (only few images on Flickr have CC licence).

CC images are good for blogs, but for your business the best option is Royalty Free Images.

What You Need to Know

Image Authors have IP (Intellectual Property) rights.  An author can easily find who is using his/her photos. This is as simple as ‘Drag and Drop’ their image over Google Images:


This is the result:


So, Keep it pro! Use royalty free images!