Why are employers scrambling to look for candidates with this very niche set of skills?


After global recession the number of employments has drastically decreased. The truth is however very different from the actual scenario. A number of recruiters are complaining about the lack of talented employers, that is why so many seats are left vacant and companies are unable to hire qualified professionals. It is therefore very important for prospect applicants to identify those ...

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Designing a Winning Business Model


In order to increase the revenues of your business it is essential to build an effective strategy, but with the changing trends the significance of an effective business model is even more significant. Strategy has been the primary building block of competitiveness over the last few years, but in the coming future the need of an operative business model cannot ...

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How to Make Your Business Plan Stand Out


For any business to run successfully the identification of target market is very essential. No business can survive just waiting for the customer to come to them. Instead, they have to focus on the specific market segments whose needs match their offerings.  Before launching any service or product you need to make sure that the selected market segment is right ...

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Building an Effective Business Model


An effective business plan plays a very important role in achieving your business objectives. It helps to define and refine your company’s strategy. It can also facilitate to develop a framework for better business decisions. It plays a very pivotal role in establishing a new industrial venture, business or organization. A well written business plan can provide a good base ...

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Capitalize on Change To Gain More Influence


If there is one constant in life we can be sure of, it’s that the one thing in the business world that won’t change, is change.  Changes at work can be frustrating, unrewarding and downright scary. Anyone that has participated in any business change initiative understands this and thus the success of books like “Who Moved My Cheese?”, “Or Our ...

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Have You Ever Felt Stress in Your Workplace?

Stress Management Coaching

High stress has an adverse effect on the whole of a business. Research shows that more working days are lost due to stress than any other single factor. In fact in seems that this is probably just the tip of the ice-burg because not only are many other illnesses triggered by stress but people are often reluctant to admit that ...

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Does Your Linkedin Profile Really Say WHO YOU ARE?


In a previous article, I taught you how to improve your Linkedin profile so that your title will say who you are (what can you offer) instead of what you are doing. But this was only the tip of the iceberg, we need to go further. In Coaching, the most famous method is GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, and Will). Other ...

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El Dinero Siempre Motiva, …¿o No? [Spanish]

business millionaire

Que el dinero no cae del cielo y tampoco crece en los arboles no os lo voy a descubrir a estas alturas. La necesidad de disponer de dinero es un hecho en nuestra sociedad actual. No obstante, en muchas ocasiones he visto cómo compañeros y amigos acababan sintiéndose desmotivados a pesar de tener un buen trabajo y un buen sueldo. ...

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Boost Your Career as a General Manager !! Linkedin, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, …

General Managers in Linkedin, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, ...

The General Manager is a Real Star, he is the person who will carry the company message whatever it is and all the time communicate it in front of his employees and the end customer, he is totally focussed on the business partners and passionate about the career requirements. A wide range of activities can be undertaken by a General ...

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What Makes a Successful General Manager?


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